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Senseless Violence Decreases A Child's Step

Kicking about in the placenta

And in a knot he eventually curled

The ceasing of his existence

To the senseless violence of the world

At mealtimes, I recall his laughter

Not to mentioned, the sloppy mess

His first step, his first tooth

Oh yes, memories so priceless

To know my child, was to love him

An undeveloped angel in physical sight

He sometimes would drive me crazy

But more so, to my life he brought sweet delight

It's hard to understand what happened to my child

But in the Lord I do confide

My love for my child surpasses all boundaries

From the depths of my soul inside

Please recall when you were young

And the admission to camps were free

Playing in the REC. centers

Oh yes, they too were abundantly

Education use to be of value

And the Lord was in the midst

Now our schools are engulfed with violence

And prayer doesn't exist

I miss my child, and you know

At times I still do cry

But I know God for myself

No longer do I ask why

This concludes my story

That God laid on my heart

My Savior,

Makes no mistakes you see

Our encounters he knows from the start

Author: Janet D. Griffin


The Kevin L. Cooper Foundation is a program dedicated in saving the lives of Youth through various programs:

• Mentoring/Tutoring

• Advocate for the Youth

• Summer Camp

Summer Connect Program and Youth Day Celebration Festival

Kevin L. Cooper Foundation, Inc.
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